What is the pre-sale of Justyousize
The products with the prefix of pre-sale are our customized products, which will be made with better fabrics and unique designs.
We will determine whether to customize the product based on the amount of orders placed by customers of that product.
Please note that because it is a customized product, our estimated production time is 12 days (excluding shipping time). It may be 30 days before you receive your goods by STANDARD SHIPPING,20 days by EXPRESS SHIPPING, so please consider whether you are willing to wait for nearly a month before purchasing.
Sometimes you will find that your pre-sale clothing is refunded because the clothing has not been favored by most customers, and it is difficult for us to support the cost of customization.
So our customer service will automatically pay you in full (if there are other products that can be shipped in your order, the shipping fee will not be refunded).
1. For non-pre-sale products, we will ship them within 5-7 days.
The reason is that we need to carry out your orders of products factory testing (not by testing the product will be returned to the factory) to ensure the quality of our products.
2. For non-pre-sale products, you may arrive at your door in about 22 days by STANDARD SHIPPING,16 days by EXPRESS SHIPPING.
In the shop actually paid more than $ 59.99 you can get free transportation services.
If the actual payment of less than $ 59.99 to pay $ 6.99 for STANDARD SHIPPING or $ 9.99 for EXPRESS SHIPPING in shipping charges.